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With the slew of new anime coming out or being announced almost daily, I especially forget what I want to make a note of watching. This is a small list of shows I personally want to make sure not to miss:


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Though it may be a bit late, I am reviewing Eden of the East this week.Seeing that the series consists of only 11 episodes, viewing should not take long.

By the end of the week, I should have a decent review ready.

Stay tuned and visit Final Anime Stop till then!

Reviewing episode 1 now…
Done with episode 2 now…
Reviewing Episode 3. I’m done, but moving material over to this blog.
I apologize for any viewers, please be patient 🙂
—UPDATE—Finishing @ end of June due to school

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SUMMER 2009 ANIME (ALL info&images in this post from GigaZine)

SUMMER 2009 ANIME (ALL info&images in this post from GigaZine)

✥TV(Terrestrial, BS, CS) and Webcast
Weis Survive

Lost in The World of Card Battle, Takeshi and Michi must win their way through card battles to get back to their own world. More about upcoming releases….

TBS: Fri. 5, June 25:25-


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