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Just the other day. Well, yesterday actually, I got flagged. I looked all around my site, and I didn’t really find anything that broke the terms of services, also known informally as the ToS. However, even though it didn’t break anything, to no avail, I was still flagged. Later on, one of the support administrators apologized and told me not to worry. Of course, I said thank you and we both typed about our merry way (I’m assuming). This brings me to my newfangled point: So what if there is some content that some people could potentially misunderstand, that you don’t want being “flagged?” Well before I answer that, I’ll stop being a terrible writer and fill you all in.


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First Post Here @ ‘Can’t Wait for Chu-Bra!! H-Comedy’ Well not much more information about Chu-Bra!! has come out since the last post I made, but I was able to get my fingers a hold of some interesting pictures that delve into the humor of this upcoming anime a little bit. Just from looking at the content, it’s looking like there’s gonna be a lot of liquids flying around all over the place….noooo, not like thaaaaaaaat. I mean like tears, and nosebleeds, you know, the usual anime stuff 🙂

Source: Akiba’s Blog & Finestela(Finestela’s scan’s can be downloaded @ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BJJXGV5Y

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