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HomePage as of the 24 of June

HomePage as of the 24 of June

New Subscription/Be an author Page

New Subscription/Be an author Page

During last week, there were quite a few things we had to do in order to be a legit business, but we’ve finally done it! In an earlier post about domain tips, I touched on my experience. Anyways, we’ve added a couple new things and also have some goals 🙂 Make sure to bookmark www.finalanimestop.com and stay tuned, my site still has much to offer!


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This trailer looks lovely. The colors just pop off the screen. I honestly can’t wait for it to hit.

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moe 82222 sample

With the slew of new anime coming out or being announced almost daily, I especially forget what I want to make a note of watching. This is a small list of shows I personally want to make sure not to miss:


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Umineko no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry) Streams Follow-up Trailer

The popular upcoming series which originated from a perfectly executed game released a second trailer.

A little background: In the midst of 1986, 18 people step foot on the remote island of Rokkenjima. Little do they know, a “spate of murders” takes place soon after.

The trailer can be accessed on famitsu’s website.
Source from AnimeNewsNetwork

Umi Monogatari, or “Sea Story Fantasy” is streaming their opening sequence.

Anime News Network gives a little info and gives
a little info: “transforming magical girl action” story centers on Marin and Urin, two “pure” sisters who live alongside the fish in the sea, but yearn to be in the world beyond the water and above ground.

One day, a beautiful ring falls in the middle of the sea, and Marin and Urin retrieve it. The two decide to leave their waterbound world for the first time to deliver the ring.

After an arduous journey, they come across an isolated island where a high school girl named Kanon lives. The encounter between Marin and Kanon — the maiden of the sea and the maiden of the skies — awakens a hidden power as the world is threatened by an enveloping darkness.

The anime will premiere in Japan on June 24.
Not quite sure about U.S. dates yet.

Summer Wars Trailer Finally Here!

In case you do not know, Summer Wars is from studio Madhouse. TVKon notes this high energy story follows a “modern-day family that embarks on a midsummer adventure together, at the behest of a 90-year-old woman.”

The lead characters are a couple of teenagers, a couple elderly people…and bulldozers?

More details are available at TVKon
The trailer can be found here

Earlier today I saw something a bit
unusual: Tetsuwan birdy decode.
I have no clue what it’s about at the moment, but I am always gathering information daily.

The trailer’s here at the official birdytv
(pic from AnimeNation)

Last, but not least, Tatakao Shisho (from AnimeNewsNetwork) has an even more unusual story
for book lovers. In an alternate world, people who pass away become books. The librarian of (all? or some?) books is to be killed by a man named Kori Tonisu. His memory is erased and a time bomb on his chest, he does the unthinkable. He falls in love…with the librarian.

As of now, I am not sure when this anime will be released.

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SUMMER 2009 ANIME (ALL info&images in this post from GigaZine)

SUMMER 2009 ANIME (ALL info&images in this post from GigaZine)

✥TV(Terrestrial, BS, CS) and Webcast
Weis Survive

Lost in The World of Card Battle, Takeshi and Michi must win their way through card battles to get back to their own world. More about upcoming releases….

TBS: Fri. 5, June 25:25-


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