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Every now and then, I’ll write about something not directly related to anime, but somethng that still might affect you in some way. I’m sure it goes without saying that most of you subscribe to Facebook, right? Well good. Apparently (I like that word 🙂 there is an online petition that wants to challenge Facebook. Ok, enough of the mystery, I suppose my question is:  Should pictures of breastfeeding be allowed on Facebook? Why or why not? – This began in 2008 & was banned in 2009, but has been trying to resurge. I decided to write about it.

I’ll provide you with my answer. Now listen, don’t be mad please and don’t stop looking @ my blog if you disagree. I fully support breastfeeding, but this context is just wrong. I’ll tell you why:


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First Post Here @ ‘Can’t Wait for Chu-Bra!! H-Comedy’ Well not much more information about Chu-Bra!! has come out since the last post I made, but I was able to get my fingers a hold of some interesting pictures that delve into the humor of this upcoming anime a little bit. Just from looking at the content, it’s looking like there’s gonna be a lot of liquids flying around all over the place….noooo, not like thaaaaaaaat. I mean like tears, and nosebleeds, you know, the usual anime stuff 🙂

Source: Akiba’s Blog & Finestela(Finestela’s scan’s can be downloaded @ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BJJXGV5Y

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