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Making a unique anime site can make you feel like this

Making a unique anime site can make you feel like this

Damn. Just damn. These were the words uttered in my head after seeing some elegant, beautiful, and just plain cool blogs. So of course, just like any other emotionally sane tech guy (or anyone for that matter), I KNEW I wanted one – to get to the next level. I want a site where people keep coming back while looking forward to new material. I mean, I feel I bring quality content now…but like I said, I wanna get it up to the next level. Blogging level that is. The way things are these days, you have to pump things out @ a continuous rate…or else, you’ll lose ratings, but lucky for me, I’ve been fortunate enough to receive quite a few viewers without any drop in the good ole’ stats bar. In fact…*scratches head* I’ve have an INCREASE!?!? And I haven’t made any extensive posts for days now!

However, the posting frequency will get better from this point on. It’s just my parents don’t let me on the computer long enough to make proper developements in a consistent manner. Well, I think I’ve belabored the point long enough. Let’s get to business: how to migrate to WordPress.org or create a SWEET anime blog on your own – THE RIGHT WAY!


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